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About us

The Lapisara Eatery (La-Phit-Sa-Ra) means great fortune. Prosperity. 

In 2018, we introduced LAPISARA EATRY to San Francisco. We’re inspired by the mixture culture, the innovation, and the dreamers -- our eatery embody this very spirit. The Lapisara Eatery is Thai-American Fusion Culinary and attracts those who don't chase luxury, but who live it by elevating life's moments, indulging their senses, and celebrating every day with the best food, service, and surroundings in the world. We provide a warm service that will make you feel right at home.

At the Lapisara Eatery, we care passionately about what you put in your body. Dedicated to nourishment you can trust, we use quality locally sourced ingredients and all quality proteins to ensure quality is always the best for our customers. We’re driven to make our living more joyful and provide pleasant dining experience.


We have been continuously woman-owned and operated.


Mission: to inspire you to have a pleasant life on your own terms. We want you to be healthy, think positive, feel beautiful and strong and know that we are your friends.



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